Insert-AdSense Version 2 Demo in a Page


This post is showing the capability of Insert AdSense Ver.2 to insert advertisements in your post.

Please note that sometimes some advertisement may not appear in the post when not being served by ads-server.

Did you noticed the placement of my first ad. Yes, It’s Just above my post – An AdSense link unit. This I have placed in ads-code-1 and the code shown above is “adsenseyu1″.

Now I insert advertisements on the left and right sides of post content, using ad-codes 6 and 7.

Below I am using ad code 6, which is showing a chitika advertisement

Here I have placed the advertisement unit on left side of my content. I am writing here on the right.On left is a chitika advertisement of 180×300 size.You can make your advertisement mingle with your posts by choosing correct ad-units at correct places. The more your advertisements are camouflaged with your post content the more clicks they will receive.This is a post to display working of Insert-AdSense Plugin for wordpress. Your content should be written here only. Code on the left of this table should not be changed/deleted.Insert-Adsense – Adding advertisements to your post was never so simple. Use Insert-AdSense and see the difference in your clicks ratio.No need to keep your codes handy. Every thing you need to place the advertisements, is on your toolbar.Insert adsense not only saves you from ugly posts(as in the case of automated insertions) but also increases clicks ratio when ads are inserted cleverly in the post.

Here you can also place other advertisement codes in place of content. Chitika ads work well when placed with adsense, more I will describe later on in this post.

And now using ad code 7

Below I have placed an adsense advertisement. The advertisement code is on right side of the post content. I am writing content by replacing text on the left.

Replace this text with your post content
If you want to show other ad-unit on right, delete the text “adsenseyu7″ and then click relevant ad button on toolbar- Leave the left text same for your default adv to show.
Choose the content size cleverly(matching with your ad size) to prevent odd look. Width will automatically adjust according to size of your ad-unit.
The table border will not appear when the post is published.The above text is the default text which I have not deleted.
Remember to replace this text with your content while writing posts, but never change the code on the right side of this table.

Above ads show the capability of Insert AdSense to show advertisements on right and left sides of your post content. In future versions Ability to insert ads in middle and on both sides will also be added.

More over if you have publisher accounts from two networks say adsense and chitika Then its a great opportunity to earn more clicks with adsense and chitika side by side. The codes are stored as ads-unit 2 and 3.


The demo above is just a suggestion. Also Try Adsense banner link units with Chitika ads below, adsense showing as menu. Pictorial ads alongwith adsense result in miracle. Why?

One of the best ways to increase AdSense CTR (click through ratio) is to trick with pictures. Chitika ads include small pictures of the featured products, which make the adverts look very attractive. When AdSense ads are aligned with little photos, CTR and earnings of both skyrocket which is proven. So try different combinations of ad units link units and content and check the result with your CTR. You’ll find insert-adsense handy while doing it.

The content below display ads by my other ad units.

Below is code by adbright. It is stored in Ads-unit-4. The adbright ads not only show ads below but also underline the adwords and show full page ads in between. You can also place infolinks code here but it will just underline the adwords without showing any ad-banner below. This also gives you advantage that infolinks code will be enabled only for this post, i.e. you will see ad-words links only in this post and not your whole blog.

Isn’t it great to show specific advertisements in selected posts? It will not only beautify your page but will also increase CTR.

Your Ad Here

Lastly I am adding the code of bidvertiser in my ads-code-5. You may find slider ads floating in this page sometimes.

In this post, I have shown the working of Insert-Adsense with all major online advertising campaigns.

Below is the image showing the post when it was being edited.

Post - when it was being edited

Image below shows the result as it was on my computer.

Results page of above code

Above was the demonstration of Insert-AdSense in WordPress blog post.

To see Insert-Adsense working in WordPress post Click here.

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  2. too many times the ad does not display- just the word “[adsenseyu1] “

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