This post is showing the capability of Insert AdSense Ver.2 to insert advertisements in your post.

Please note that sometimes some advertisement may not appear in the post when not being served by ads-server.

Did you noticed the placement of my first ad. Yes, It’s Just above my post – An AdSense link unit. This I have placed in ads-code-1 and the code shown above is “adsenseyu1″.

Now I insert advertisements on the left and right sides of post content, using ad-codes 6 and 7.

Below I have placed an adsense advertisement through ad code 7. The advertisement code is on right side of the post content. I am writing content by replacing text on the left.

Replace this text with your post content
If you want to show other ad-unit on right, delete the text “adsenseyu7″ and then click relevant ad button on toolbar- Leave the left text same for your default adv to show.
Choose the content size cleverly(matching with your ad size) to prevent odd look. Width will automatically adjust according to size of your ad-unit.
The table border will not appear when the post is published.

And now using ad code 6

Below I am using ad code 6, which is showing a chitika advertisement

Here I have placed the advertisement unit on left side of my content. I am writing here on the right. On left is a chitika advertisement of 180×300 size.You can make your advertisement mingle with your posts by choosing correct ad-units at correct places. The more your advertisements are camouflaged with your post content the more clicks they will receive.Insert adsense not only saves you from ugly posts(as in the case of automated insertions) but also increases clicks ratio when ads are inserted cleverly in the post.This is a post to display working of Insert-AdSense Plugin for wordpress. This is a post to display working of Insert-AdSense Plugin for wordpress. Your content should be written here only. Code on the left of this table should not be changed/deleted.

Above ads show the capability of Insert AdSense to show advertisements on right and left sides of your post content. In future versions Ability to insert ads in middle and on both sides will also be added.

More over if you have publisher accounts from two networks say adsense and chitika Then its a great opportunity to earn more clicks with adsense and chitika side by side. The codes are stored as ads-unit 2 and 3.


The demo above is just a suggestion. Also Try Adsense banner link units with Chitika ads below, adsense showing as menu. Pictorial ads alongwith adsense result in miracle. Why?

One of the best ways to increase AdSense CTR (click through ratio) is to trick with pictures. Chitika ads include small pictures of the featured products, which make the adverts look very attractive. When AdSense ads are aligned with little photos, CTR and earnings of both skyrocket which is proven. So try different combinations of ad units link units and content and check the result with your CTR. You’ll find insert-adsense handy while doing it.

The content below display ads by my other ad units.

Below is code by adbright. It is stored in Ads-unit-4. The adbright ads not only show ads below but also underline the adwords and show full page ads in between. You can also place infolinks code here but it will just underline the adwords without showing any ad-banner below. This also gives you advantage that infolinks code will be enabled only for this post, i.e. you will see ad-words links only in this post and not your whole blog.

Isn’t it great to show specific advertisements in selected posts? It will not only beautify your page but will also increase CTR.

Your Ad Here

Lastly I am adding the code of bidvertiser in my ads-code-5. You may find slider ads floating in this page sometimes.

In this post, I have shown the working of Insert-Adsense with all major online advertising campaigns.

Below is the image showing the post when it was being edited.

Post - when it was being edited

Image below shows the result as it was on my computer.

Results page of above code

Above was the demonstration of Insert-AdSense in WordPress blog post.

To see Insert-Adsense working in WordPress pages Click here.

  35 Responses to “Insert-AdSense Version 2 Demo”

  1. wow..Tanks for your plugin.

  2. Hey YUYUH

    I installed your insert-adsense plugin but it not showing roresence button in toolbar
    where me facing problem can u help??

  3. Much appreciated for the information and share!

  4. I tried using ad code 6 and 7, but when I have published my post, the table shows.

    • While editing your posts, Please check the html mode for this line ‘<table width="98%" border="1">’. If borders are visible in your posts, edit border to 0 instead of 1 as ‘<table width="98%" border="0">’.
      I have not done it in plugin code because borders were not visible in some web-browsers while editing posts. Normally it doesn’t show in posts. However, it may show if you are using a background color in your pages.

  5. Thanks for the share!

  6. Amazing. Inserting ads in-between posts’ content increased my revenue about three and half times. Thanks for your plugin.
    Why don’t you add features like ads in widgets and banner in the same plugin. So that all ads requirement are fulfilled by one plugin only(Now I am using three plugins for just showing ads).

  7. Your plug looks great. but i can`t find to associate each adcode with my adsense code. i have installed your pulg in, I have two adsense codes but i cant’t link them. Please help¡

    • Just go to settings>Insert Adsense. Paste your adsense codes in the boxes there. Click Update Options at the bottom to save your changes and you are done.

  8. Ya this is relay nice Plugin…………………..!!!

  9. Thx a lot, you make my day ;)

  10. Hi Yuyuh,

    I’m user of Insert-Adsense for WordPress plugin. I also have same situation where faced by Julie. Even I already put “0″ for the value of border but the problem still remains. I’m using PrimePress WordPress theme. Did this plugin applicable on several themes only? I love how this plugin works and at the same time I want to stay with this theme. Any ideas to rid of the border from my post? For details, you visit this link: . Your help is much appreciated.


    • Sorry for late reply as I was busy in tedious task of moving my site to other web-host. Now I got the reason of showing the table borders, and why I was not able to see them.
      In some of the newer themes, tables will automatically show up with visible cell borders – even after writing table border=”0″ in the code. I was using suffusion so I wasn’t able to detect this. I will fix this in my next update “insert-adsense”.

  11. Hii,thanks for the plugin!!!!
    i can successfully put ads into posts,
    but hey,i still see the boxes surrounding the AD-6 and AD-7,
    i mean the ads which are to be posted on the right/left side of content. :/

    • The problem of table border, in which table border was visible in certain themes has been fixed in version 2.1 which is now ready for download.

  12. This plugin functions with this theme:bombax 1.3?
    Do not show to me the box to me add the adsense code. Do not show the settings options!
    Can you help me

    From Brazil

    • I checked it with theme bombax 1.3 but could not find any problems. The plugin is working pretty well as you can see here as I have changed my theme to bombax. To find settings option, go to dashboard – On the left hand bottom you will find tab ‘settings’ – Under heading settings you will find a subheading insert-adsense where you can configure your ads.

  13. Hey, Yuyuh.

    I want to know how can I allow my author accounts in wordpress to have access to this plugin? Because the shortcode insertion buttons don’t appear on the toolbar.

  14. Wow, Great job,
    I just came across this plugin in the wordpress directory as I was looking for a plugin to insert adsense codes the mobile version of my blog Latest Technology News.

    So I decided to install it and then came here to read reviews, and I am so excited seeing the demo of the plugin in action.

    1 question please: How do I make this plugin to show ads on my already published blog posts?
    Will I need to edit all the posts or what?


  15. I am having a lot of trouble with this plug-in.

    It started off fine, but then when I added one ad code to a single post, it somehow duplicated it (and one other unit) onto every other post as well – even those in “Draft” status.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed it in hopes that it would solve the problem…but unfortunately I am still stuck.

    I have also gone into the coding of my template (‘Scrappy’) and into the HTML interface on the posting pages to see if there was any Ad Sense code to remove, but nothing was present.

    Can you tell me why you think this is happening, and what I can do about it?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Please check whether it works-
      Go to Settings > Insert Adsense. Keep all adcode boxes blank and click update options i.e. remove all the adcodes. Now check whether the ads are still appearing. If yes then the problem is with something else.

  16. Hi, I am using WordPress 3.4.2, and I installed the plugin, all icon showing on toolbar but when I insert code 6 or 7, it comes out in RED. I can replace the content text but when in insert the Adsense code, the actual code show up on the website with a background grayish color. What am I doing wrong/ Please help.

    • I am not able to understand you fully. Whether the adsense javascript is showing or the shortcode ‘adsenseyu7′ is showing. Code 6 and 7 insert a two column table in your post with a short code(as [ adsenseyu7 ]) on one side and sample text in the other column. Simply replace the sample text. If you want to change the text color, select it and change from your toolbar.

  17. Installed this plugin and it works, except when viewing pages I have to reload (F5) everytime I navigate to the page. Otherwise the adsense does not appear.

  18. Hello,

    I installed your plugin on my site, set it up, but couldn’t get it to work properly. After that, I switched to another plugin, but I’ve been getting yellow shadows where the old ads used to be. How can I fix that?
    Many Thanks

    • Have you removed the shortcodes i.e. [adsenseyu.. codes from your posts after uninstalling the plugin. Yellow shadows might be due to these shortcodes, which would have got of no use after uninstallation of plugin.

  19. hello,

    i installed the plug ins, problem is when i installed it in my post, there is no border line separating the ad code area to the post which resulting to ad-codes 6 and 7 not functioning.

    • Border lines have been intentionally hidden to make it compatible with more themes. You can show border line by changing table border property to 1 in code view.

  20. Hello yuyuh very thanks for your plugin.

    I have small problem in code 6 and 7 please see this image add is placed in above content.

    Can you please clear my problems.

    • You will be able to exactly identify the problem if you go to “html view” in “add new post” page. If you find any difficulty, please send me the html code generated there. I’ll make out and inform you.

  21. wow bro nice plugin , thank you for sharing . I will try these tips in my WP

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