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Insert ads in your post at the place of your choice in a single click

Adds buttons in your toolbar to place ads while writing your post.

Now Inserting ads in your post is even simpler than underlining a word. All you need to do is put your Google Adsense code into the boxes provided and then click the corresponding button in tool bar to show the ads at place of your choice in post. Remember showing an ad at the right place in your post can result in much better revenue as compared to placing it randomly or some fixed place. You can also use ad-codes from other providers to show with adsense.

When you click any of these buttons

ad-button1 ad-button2 ad-button3 ad-button4 ad-button5 (these will appear on your toolbar after installing the plugin)

on your tool bar, a short-code(like [adsenseyu1] for your advertisement code) will be inserted in your post, at the place of your cursor. You can align these shortcodes like other text or place them inside a table also, depending on, where you want to show your ads.

== Installation ==

The basic installation process is same as other plugins. After installation activate the plugin. It adds the link "Insert AdSense" in Settings menu in your dashboard. In Insert AdSense settings you will find five text boxes where you can paste your adsense or other advertisement codes.

== Note ==

A link from your blog to www.yuyuh.com is highly appreciated. Please note that use of Adsense Code 3 also adds a powered by link in the bottom. If you don't want to place this link in your site, you can safely delete this link or alternatively don't use AdSense Code 3. Other codes will show only your ads and nothing else.

Download Insert-AdSense Plugin for Wordpress

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How many google ads I can place =

You have the option to use five types/formats of ads. However you should use a maximum of three ads in one post as per google TOS. If you want to show more ads, use other advertiser codes i.e. adbright or bidvertiser codes as well in same post.

= Can I use other advertiser codes =

You can use any advertiser codes in the text boxes. Moreover you can also put any piece of text, personal ads, pictures link etc which you frequently use in your posts and place them in just a single click.

= Where are the ads shown in post/where should I use my ads =

Ads are shown at the place you chose to show them. To show the post at some specific place in your post, place the cursor there and click the relevent tool bar button for ad type/code you want to show. On clicking that button a short code will be added at the place of your cursor which will subsequently show ads on publishing.
But try to add ads cleverly in your post. Adding an advertisement at right places can do miracles resulting in much more clicks.

== Screenshots ==

Screenshot 1 - Insert AdSense Settings - Paste AdCodes



Screenshot 2 - Insert AdSense Settings



Screenshot 3 - Insert AdSense buttons in toolbar to insert AdCode


== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
* Initial release

Report any bugs to mail@yuyuh.com

Download Insert-AdSense Ver. 1.0
Download Latest Version
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